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Game 8 Vs Park Orchards 2  at the Olympic Primary school, the girls were faced with one of the largest challenges for the season as they took on the un-defeated Park Orchards 2.  This side had taken all in front of them including Collingwood 6 (the team who beat us last week) by 20 points. With every girl at the court a good 15 minutes prior to the start of the game, mood in the camp was strangely quiet as the team readied themselves for what would be a season defining game. 

From the opening jump ball the girls were on, as we established a handy 6-0 lead on the back of some solid team play. As you would expect, Park Orchards came back at us hard, banging on a couple of baskets themselves. The one thing that really impressed me today was the teamwork by all girls and their commitement to the team’s defensive structure. Girls, we out ran them, we out hassled them, we applied fantastic team defence to unsettle them – Girls I am so proud of all of you, we went in to this game with two-(2) players down and a big thank you to both Tonina (Nicola’s mum) for her fill in role on the bench, and also to Zoe (Alice Doyle’s sister) who filled in magnificently for us today.

The knights had a slender lead at half time (1 basket), the second half was a real dog fight as Park Orchards tried to apply their half-court trap at every opportunity.  The girls, onto this, adjusted their game to cover the second passing option to break the trap – the pressure was right on and the girls all handled it extremely well – Again well played girls!

Park Orchards had closed the margin to a single point with 2:30 on the clock, however, our girls wouldn’t be denied as we skipped away to win the game by 5 points – GO KNIGHTS!

For those at the game, I would imagine that you would have liked what you saw, the girls are settling into the team structures nicely, and if we can continue to grow within this model the sky is the limit with this team!

On to next week, we again face up to a Park Orchard side this time the 3s, this is a must win game as we need to consolidate the win we have just had – just prior to the long break.

Training – let’s have everyone at training this week, I am sorry that my lay-up coach didn’t make it last week, but she has confirmed for this week’s training so please get there early!


We are having a team BBQ at our place post next week’s game – we have heard from some people regarding their attendance but it would be great to have the whole team there prior to the long break….Parents and siblings are most welcome – RSVP Kate 0425 225 908.

Go Knights – Larry


Game 7 Vs Collingwood at Charles Latrobe College was the first of our regular season games; this Collingwood team is the same team that won the C1 under 13 winter comp last season so it was a little surprising to see them still in C 1 (the grading thing is a bit of a mystery to me at times).

Despite giving up a 17 point lead to Collingwood the girls applied themselves extremely well to come right back in the game only to go down by 3 or so baskets in the end – Well played girls we had nothing go our way at all today and in the end we nearly took the game. At one stage I had to look around to make sure I wasn’t at Thornbury High school (Collingwood’s home court) as we seemed to be on the bad end of most of the 50/50 calls – That’s basketball!.

Special mentions;

All the girls played well, it was great to Ruby score 3 baskets with a couple of back to back ones when she took on the defence. Nicola and Felicity were also in everything as they were fighting hard to keep the ball in our offensive end. Defensively all girls were very committed to the cause and it was great to see!

Game day Takeaways

  • When we tightened up our defensive structures the game changed in our favour, girls we need to be at that level of defensive intensity from the opening jump ball.
  • Our offensive structures have started well, for a first up effort with the numbered system as we shared the ball around well, – we just need to attack the basket with layups more often as this will result in more free throw opportunities and scoring chances as well.
  • Team support (internally) is fantastic, girls keep supporting your team mates and backing them up – as they will do for you.

On to training, I will have a guest with me who will be running a layup clinic so please do your best to be there on time or 5 mins early if possible.

If you haven’t been to the blog site – go there and leave a message for the team it would be good to get a bit of chat going, if any one has any photos of the games please send them to me and I will post them as well.

See you all at training on Wednesday night.



Game 6 Vs Bulleen at Charles Latrobe College was the last of the teams grading games and what a game it was… The Knights playing the late game (5:40) and missing two key players through injury, started slowly allowing Bulleen most of the scoring opportunities in the first half.

It was one of those games where the team sync wasn’t quite there in the early stages and this was very evident at the halftime break when Bulleen went in with a commanding 10-0 lead.

The team seemed ok at halftime as in reality it was only 5 baskets and there had been a slight momentum change toward the end of the first half. In what could be described as a complete team turnaround, the Knights clicked in to gear and started producing the crisp team orientated basketball we know is possible with this group. The Bulleen coach called an immediate time out (3:45 second) in an attempt to slow our momentum and to refocus his team as he could see what was about to happen. The girls took the game on, with good focus and positive communication the knights drew level with Bulleen and the end result was a very well played drawn game 20-20 (10 basket to 5 in the last – well played girls!)

For the people fortunate enough to see it live it was a real heart stopper as the Knights powered home to nearly take the points (there was some excitement as the scoreboard had us winning by a point when the bell went, alas this was just an error by the Bulleen person controlling the box – she also struggled with the fundamentals of the clock much to my frustrationL).

The individual performances as I saw them were as follows;

Nicola Rizzo

The team high scorer, Nicola was in everything.  Apart from Nicola’s superb scoring   capabilities, during yesterday’s game we saw a very competitive defensive side   to Nicolas game – Great game out there Nicola your contributions were   outstanding today well done!


Solid game today Nemo, once again your physical   presence under the basket is so valuable to the team – keep up the good work as   your defensive leadership is key to this teams success.


Played a very good all round game.  Like the rest of the team, Felicity is   showing a real improvement in defensive pressure to go along with her natural   offensive ability.


Alice played well for the entire game. Unfortunately   Alice was fouled out of the game with 4 mins to go – it was a shame as Alice   was close to best on court for most of the game.


Continues to play solid team orientated   basketball, crisp passing and really good positive communication were the highlights   for me.


Lexi working her way back from her ankle injury   is settling back in to the team structures well. Lexi is showing a really   solid attention to her defensive game – keep working on it Lexi


Thanks also to young Bella who had 5 mins on to give the girls a breather during the first half.

I will be working on our structures and how best to apply them so we have a better understanding of the various positional roles we have when we are out there and more importantly, when substitutions are made.  This should clear up the question of “where am I playing” and “who is going back” allowing the girls to be more focused at the game and their immediate objectives.

Well done girls, as I mentioned after the game, good teams can overcome nearly any game circumstances, what you showed out there yesterday was solid focus and execution to get the job done – well done!

Let’s have a full turn out to training this Wednesday – we are now in to the regular season so expect a slight increase in the intensity at training as every game from now on is for full points as we head towards the finals.

Regards – Larry

Go Knights!!

Game 5 Vs Collingwood at Thornbury High School the girls faced up to a well drilled Collingwood side.   From the outset the game was one of defensive pressure and high speed transition.

In what I would describe as the best team effort I have seen from this group, it was very pleasing to see the team’s commitement in defence, given  this is something we have not really focused on so far during our training sessions –  more of that to follow post round 6!

The girls displayed raw defensive enthusiasm has they applied cross coverage in the key and backed each other – it is fantastic to see this group shaping into the cohesive unit that will be a handful for any opposition we come across – Keep up the good work girls, you all played well today and I think you guys should be able to see what is possible when we work together with effort and enthusiasm.

Game day takeaways

  • Superb team defensive energy – like the offensive structure, we will be working on our pressure defence and defensive structures starting next week.
  • Offensive composure and perimeter structure – this is something we all need to do further work on, we need to cut out the outside shots and maintain control of the ball in our offensive end.

Collingwood ended up taking the points by 5 baskets or so however I feel we really had a big win internally by the way the girls played – Girls I am very proud of all of you, personally, when I see effort like that I know the sky is the limit with this team – Lets build on this game as we move into the last of our grading games prior to the regular season.

Again well played today girls and lets have a full turn out to training this Wednesday please bring the following;

  • Size 6 Basketball
  • Full Water bottle
  • Shoes that you play in.

Go Knights!



Game four-(4) Vs Balwyn 5 at the home of Knights basketball the Space Centre – With Lexi sidelined with a squashed ankle courtesy of Warrandyte 3 last week we started the game with 7 players. The girls are now starting to find some confidence in themselves and their teammates as this group starts to come closer together. At the start of this game the intensity was slightly down as both teams settled into the game, the girls found top gear soon after and produced a very solid team performance to take the lead and they were never headed as they worked their way to a very impressive win by 10 baskets or so.


I am sure the people that were able to watch the game live would be impressed by the teams early season cohesion.  There were a number of game/play highlights with the one that stuck in my mind was  Robbo’s pass to Nicola in the key while she was lying flat on her back  – Nicola accepted the pass and knocked another one home as the crowd rose as one – well played girls!


In such a good all over team effort it is always hard to single out individuals, so working down the list this is how I saw it;


  • Nicola – Played a fantastic game today she was the team high scorer and was instrumental in transitional movement- Great game today Nicola your team involvement and individual efforts were first class well done!
  • Robbo – The team pressure player was on today with her pressure acts forcing turnovers in defence, while she was locking the ball in our offensive zone keeping the heat on Balwyn at all times –Well played again Robbo keep up the good work!
  • Alice/Nemo – both played very solid games in point guard structure – both of you girls are proving to be very reliable as you sure up our protection form the point, keep up the good work girls!
  • Felicity/Mia – well done girls on your team support roles today, working well with the group these girls worked well in transition and when there was a 50-50 ball both girls won more than their share with strong hands and good body positioning well done girls!
  • Ruby – was in everything today, good in transition and offensive swing, Ruby is fitting in to the team nicely –keep up the good work Ruby!


Moving forward, the thing to remember here is not to get too carried away with a result like this.  We are still have two-(2) grading games to go and you can bet your bottom dollar the league will be keen to make adjustments to any lopsided result so expect a different level of opposition next week.  Anyway it will be just another challenge we can all look forward to as there is no limit on this team, girls it is up to you as to how far you want to take this..   Remember do some work at home on your ball skills 10 mins a day will make all the difference!


Onto training – let’s have a full turn out this Wednesday so we can all work on the team plan and our individual games,    


Please bring the following;


  • Size 6 basketball
  • The shoes that you play in
  • Drink bottle


Go Knights!!!




Game three-(3) Vs Warrandyte 3 at Charles Latrobe College – The first three-(3) weeks from a training perspective have been a little nightmarish given the disruption of training venues and the like, but today we saw a good reflection of what will be with this team of girls. The girls were on today (offensively) as they started to settle in to our offensive structure involving point coverage – outlet swing and post play passing. Crisp passing and great teamwork/team talk were the highlights for me, with all the girls contributing well  as the Knights chalked up our first win for the summer season – well played girls!


Special mentions – all


  • Alice (Robbo) Robertson continued building on her solid performance last week and was one of our key pressure players today – Well played today Robbo – your defensive efforts/pressure are team leading and very valuable to the team.
  • Nicola and Felicity were instrumental in offensive thrusts – girls your drive and clearances today were first class. Nicola was superb as our centre-post  option and the girls had no issue feeding her in the hot spot – well played girls!
  • Nemo and Ruby are showing  a level of defensive commitment that is really valuable to the team – girls you are not only holding your spot in this side but owning it – keep the enthusiasm levels high and well done.
  • Alice Doyle continued on with her consistency as she helped control our point guard setup – great work today Alice your selfless efforts don’t go unnoticed.
  • Lexi was subbed out late in the game when she twisted her ankle and up until that time was playing a good defensive orientated game working well within the team structures – well played Lexi
  • Mia was solid all over the court today as she returned from her illness last week  – good solid game today Mia keep working on your game!


Onto training – let’s have a full turn out this Wednesday so we can all work on the team plan and our individual games, I am hoping to have a visitor to training this week who will focus on post play and set play shooting moves.    


Please bring the following;


  • Size 6 basketball
  • The shoes that you play in
  • Drink bottle

Go Knights!!!



Game three-(3) Vs Warrandyte 3 at Charles Latrobe College – The first three-(3) weeks from a training perspective have been a little nightmarish given the disruption of training venues and the like, but today we saw a good reflection of what will be with this team of girls.

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Well another season of basketball is off and running. The girls faced off in their first up hit out against Bulleen 11, in what could be described as an open game – that is a game without much defensive pressure/structure they applied themselves quiet well.

I must say I like what I saw (in patches) during that game, and would imagine those who were at the game saw a glimpse of what could be as we strive to create a well-balanced cohesive unit (they also seem to be a very nice bunch of girls as well!). Good first up game girls and over the next couple of weeks we will be working very hard to tighten things up as we prepare for the regular season and beyond.

Game day Takeaways:

  • Good first up team effort – I liked the endeavour of the girls as they settle in to a new team in a different grade
  • Defensive running –  That is the support running back once the ball is turned over – girls this is something we all need to work on in the coming weeks
  • Defensive technique – We had a large foul count today and a lot of this is due to poor defensive technique – don’t get too concerned about that right now as we will be working hard on this during training.

Girls please study the handout I gave you post game and Please Please….Practice your basics at home – we all need to improve our basic ball handling this is something you can do at home just give it 10 mins a day and watch the difference!

On to training – Due to the disruptions at Ivanhoe Grammar School we will be training at IPS with an U12:4 team (Thanks John) I will be there from 5:55pm and it would be great if as many girls as possible could get there a little earlier so we can work on our collective game. – Thanks to Bruce for his fill in role on the bench today!

Please bring;

Size 6 Basketball

Runners that you play in

Drink bottle

See you all there – Go Knights!!!

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