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Game 8 Vs Park Orchards 2  at the Olympic Primary school, the girls were faced with one of the largest challenges for the season as they took on the un-defeated Park Orchards 2.  This side had taken all in front of them including Collingwood 6 (the team who beat us last week) by 20 points. With every girl at the court a good 15 minutes prior to the start of the game, mood in the camp was strangely quiet as the team readied themselves for what would be a season defining game. 

From the opening jump ball the girls were on, as we established a handy 6-0 lead on the back of some solid team play. As you would expect, Park Orchards came back at us hard, banging on a couple of baskets themselves. The one thing that really impressed me today was the teamwork by all girls and their commitement to the team’s defensive structure. Girls, we out ran them, we out hassled them, we applied fantastic team defence to unsettle them – Girls I am so proud of all of you, we went in to this game with two-(2) players down and a big thank you to both Tonina (Nicola’s mum) for her fill in role on the bench, and also to Zoe (Alice Doyle’s sister) who filled in magnificently for us today.

The knights had a slender lead at half time (1 basket), the second half was a real dog fight as Park Orchards tried to apply their half-court trap at every opportunity.  The girls, onto this, adjusted their game to cover the second passing option to break the trap – the pressure was right on and the girls all handled it extremely well – Again well played girls!

Park Orchards had closed the margin to a single point with 2:30 on the clock, however, our girls wouldn’t be denied as we skipped away to win the game by 5 points – GO KNIGHTS!

For those at the game, I would imagine that you would have liked what you saw, the girls are settling into the team structures nicely, and if we can continue to grow within this model the sky is the limit with this team!

On to next week, we again face up to a Park Orchard side this time the 3s, this is a must win game as we need to consolidate the win we have just had – just prior to the long break.

Training – let’s have everyone at training this week, I am sorry that my lay-up coach didn’t make it last week, but she has confirmed for this week’s training so please get there early!


We are having a team BBQ at our place post next week’s game – we have heard from some people regarding their attendance but it would be great to have the whole team there prior to the long break….Parents and siblings are most welcome – RSVP Kate 0425 225 908.

Go Knights – Larry


Larry Sherrin

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