Game 7 Vs Collingwood at Charles Latrobe College was the first of our regular season games; this Collingwood team is the same team that won the C1 under 13 winter comp last season so it was a little surprising to see them still in C 1 (the grading thing is a bit of a mystery to me at times).

Despite giving up a 17 point lead to Collingwood the girls applied themselves extremely well to come right back in the game only to go down by 3 or so baskets in the end – Well played girls we had nothing go our way at all today and in the end we nearly took the game. At one stage I had to look around to make sure I wasn’t at Thornbury High school (Collingwood’s home court) as we seemed to be on the bad end of most of the 50/50 calls – That’s basketball!.

Special mentions;

All the girls played well, it was great to Ruby score 3 baskets with a couple of back to back ones when she took on the defence. Nicola and Felicity were also in everything as they were fighting hard to keep the ball in our offensive end. Defensively all girls were very committed to the cause and it was great to see!

Game day Takeaways

  • When we tightened up our defensive structures the game changed in our favour, girls we need to be at that level of defensive intensity from the opening jump ball.
  • Our offensive structures have started well, for a first up effort with the numbered system as we shared the ball around well, – we just need to attack the basket with layups more often as this will result in more free throw opportunities and scoring chances as well.
  • Team support (internally) is fantastic, girls keep supporting your team mates and backing them up – as they will do for you.

On to training, I will have a guest with me who will be running a layup clinic so please do your best to be there on time or 5 mins early if possible.

If you haven’t been to the blog site – go there and leave a message for the team it would be good to get a bit of chat going, if any one has any photos of the games please send them to me and I will post them as well.

See you all at training on Wednesday night.