Game 6 Vs Bulleen at Charles Latrobe College was the last of the teams grading games and what a game it was… The Knights playing the late game (5:40) and missing two key players through injury, started slowly allowing Bulleen most of the scoring opportunities in the first half.

It was one of those games where the team sync wasn’t quite there in the early stages and this was very evident at the halftime break when Bulleen went in with a commanding 10-0 lead.

The team seemed ok at halftime as in reality it was only 5 baskets and there had been a slight momentum change toward the end of the first half. In what could be described as a complete team turnaround, the Knights clicked in to gear and started producing the crisp team orientated basketball we know is possible with this group. The Bulleen coach called an immediate time out (3:45 second) in an attempt to slow our momentum and to refocus his team as he could see what was about to happen. The girls took the game on, with good focus and positive communication the knights drew level with Bulleen and the end result was a very well played drawn game 20-20 (10 basket to 5 in the last – well played girls!)

For the people fortunate enough to see it live it was a real heart stopper as the Knights powered home to nearly take the points (there was some excitement as the scoreboard had us winning by a point when the bell went, alas this was just an error by the Bulleen person controlling the box – she also struggled with the fundamentals of the clock much to my frustrationL).

The individual performances as I saw them were as follows;

Nicola Rizzo

The team high scorer, Nicola was in everything.  Apart from Nicola’s superb scoring   capabilities, during yesterday’s game we saw a very competitive defensive side   to Nicolas game – Great game out there Nicola your contributions were   outstanding today well done!


Solid game today Nemo, once again your physical   presence under the basket is so valuable to the team – keep up the good work as   your defensive leadership is key to this teams success.


Played a very good all round game.  Like the rest of the team, Felicity is   showing a real improvement in defensive pressure to go along with her natural   offensive ability.


Alice played well for the entire game. Unfortunately   Alice was fouled out of the game with 4 mins to go – it was a shame as Alice   was close to best on court for most of the game.


Continues to play solid team orientated   basketball, crisp passing and really good positive communication were the highlights   for me.


Lexi working her way back from her ankle injury   is settling back in to the team structures well. Lexi is showing a really   solid attention to her defensive game – keep working on it Lexi


Thanks also to young Bella who had 5 mins on to give the girls a breather during the first half.

I will be working on our structures and how best to apply them so we have a better understanding of the various positional roles we have when we are out there and more importantly, when substitutions are made.  This should clear up the question of “where am I playing” and “who is going back” allowing the girls to be more focused at the game and their immediate objectives.

Well done girls, as I mentioned after the game, good teams can overcome nearly any game circumstances, what you showed out there yesterday was solid focus and execution to get the job done – well done!

Let’s have a full turn out to training this Wednesday – we are now in to the regular season so expect a slight increase in the intensity at training as every game from now on is for full points as we head towards the finals.

Regards – Larry

Go Knights!!